The Golden State Chapter of Research of the Holy Royal Arch


Here we are necessarily led to contemplate, with gratitude and admiration, the sacred Source from whence all earthly comforts flow.”

Royal Arch Charge


The Golden State Chapter of Research is dedicated to the study of Capitular degrees of Freemasonry. Our Chapter promotes excellence in Masonic scholarship by holding regular Convocations at which original, high-quality papers are presented. We also celebrate fellowship of Royal Arch Masonry by holding traditional festive boards after the annual meeting at Grand Sessions in May.

The Chapter maintains an active speakers bureau. California’s Masonic bodies may make arrangements for one of our high-quality speakers to present several topics.

Finally, we aim to facilitate and enrich the Masonic formation of Royal Arch Masons everywhere through our website’s resources.

Our Motto

The motto of the Chapter is Fratribus Benevolentia, which means “Benevolence for the Brethren.” It is derived from the traditional engravings on the breast jewel of a Royal Arch Companion.