The [Royal Arch] degree is an unfolding into a second volume the history of that which was lost to its final recovery. Without the Royal Arch, the Master’s degree is like a song half sung, a tale partly told, or a promise unfilled, for it is the complement of the Master’s degree.

Ex∴ Comp∴ William F. Kuhn

“Any Royal Arch Mason, in good standing within a Chapter of any jurisdiction in amity with the Grand Chapter of California, is welcome to apply for affiliation with the Chapter as a member. Any other person may become a Subscription member and receive information by our emailings and attend non-tiled meetings, but will enjoy no other privileges. We can read your Petition to Affiliate at any of our meetings.”

The one time affiliation fee is $20. No further dues are required.

Click Here To Download the Petition for Affiliation Form in PDF format.

Please complete the Application for Affiliation and send to the Grand Chapter Secretary for application review and processing.

The Affiliation fee (checks payable Grand Chapter RAM of CA) is sent separately to: Grand Secretary
Attn: GSCR
1123 J Street
Sacramento, CA 95814

Chapter Secretary
Bruce A. Rick
Golden State Chapter of Research

George Washington